Blizzcon Shenanigans: Part 2

The first day of Blizzcon was jammed packed with exciting news of the new Overwatch hero, Sombra! Also, my big ass streaming event I managed to co-produce with Blizzard with a bunch of youtubers playing a showmatch of Overwatch in our HyperX gaming room.

This day was long and exhausting but I have to give a big thanks to my Latam marketing team, my video production and community management agency and my friends for their moral support!

Blizzcon Shenanigans: Part 1

The week of Blizzard’s 10th anniversary of Blizzcon was filled with a lot of fun moments leading up to my collaboration with their Latin American team. Filming in Blizzard HQ and picking up our badges were just the beginning.

Special shout out to my BFF Claudia whom I couldn’t have done this project without her! :*

Blizzcon 2016


With Blizzard’s launch of their newest game, Overwatch, earlier this year, I instantly became a BIGGER fan of Blizzard. With one of my best friends now working for Blizzard, I was able to replicate my project I did last year with them but made it bigger, better and a bit more stressful. However, the rewards totally made it worth it. This year, Blizzard announced a new hero to their Overwatch playable character line up. Once I found who and what she does, I became a bigger fanboy of the game. This announcement was just the cherry on top of a crazy busy week of hard work and determination. Before I get into more details about that, I want to leave some photographic memories of the best and enjoyable moments I had during the event. Also, I finally got to take my sister since she is also a huge Blizzard/Overwatch fan  🙂