on Wednesday, December 3, 2014
I'm working on a HUGE live streaming for my work's youtube channel during CES in Las Vegas in January. So to see the how it all works, I did a little test streaming for myself. I didn't even notice how much time past so pardon the length, hehe.

I may make this a regular thing but with some better content and me not looking so clueless and dorky. So subscribe to my new channel please :) 
on Thursday, November 27, 2014
This year has been great, a few minor set backs but pretty chill overall for me. However, for my parents and younger sister, who still lives with them, it's been a struggle. I couldn't help but always be a little worried about them and telling myself I should call them more often.

After 2 years in Vancouver BC, the jobs that relocated my parents there, terminated them. And for one year, they were unemployed, stressing and worrying, gearing up for interview after interview with no luck. Until about a 2 months ago my dad finally got some good news. A job back here in OC. So 1 month ago, my parents paid a week long visit to see properties. Within a week they found a cute townhouse and put in an offer. Now, a month later, they made the rough, long and stressful move from Canada to California... again.

Even though they get the keys to their new home tomorrow, the decision to "where should we have thanksgiving dinner" was already decided. My tiny studio apartment was the ideal place all 4 of us can be together and have a thanksgiving meal.

I am thankful for this moment and for more to come. I am super happy for my dad and mom. Very proud of my little sister for learning how much more responsible she's gotten. So, without further adieu, here are some hijinks that ensued in today's festivities.

I made a foldable table from Ikea the morning of Thanksgiving. The power drill died on me and had to finish screwing everything with my manly powers. The mini-drawers are what sold me on this cute little thing.
At one point, everyone was in my tiny kitchen except me.

My sister lost a few hairs and singed her eyebrows during this rare, caught on camera moment of her trying to take the turkey out of the oven. The fatty oils fell and burst into flames in an instant. It was shocking but she came out ok. I took over after this incident and let my sister rest and calm down after this fright, lol.

The table when it's unfolded. Fits 4 comfortable but will fit 6 on the head and foto of the table. Am pretty proud of my set up and mismatched plates and settings. 
Everything came out yummy. Mashed potatoes, Hawaiian bread role, corn on the cobb, stuffing, and green beans. For desert, my sister made pumpkin pie!

Right now, I look and feel like an overly chubby Sailor Moon who just couldn't say no to just one donut! 

on Thursday, May 15, 2014
The normal way I've experienced with friendships that somehow just ended were subtle and painless. Time was a huge factor... with time you communicate less, you don't see each other as often then the friendship basically ends.

But then there's those that just ended abruptly. Or they NEED to end and you just don't know how to do it so you try to let it fizzle out but it doesn't. You then find yourself "faking it" most of the time so you seem slightly interested by still distant. Boy was that just the dumbest thing I have ever done in my life.

I let the annoyances get to me bit by bit. Before I knew it, every time this person contacted me I cringed. But then I still felt obligated to respond with something. Some "thing" was compelling me to just keep going with this torture of misleading this guy to keep thinking we're friends.

Needless to say, the torture finally ended. I had enough and I couldn't hold it any long. I was snappy, brutally honest and upfront with everything I was feeling. I let this poor guy have it. And thus, our friendship finally ended.

All these months wasted, trying to make something work but knew it was doomed from the start. Though it wasn't a major event in my life it still affected me somehow. I've never done this before to a person I used to like... loved.